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SwagBucks – Earn $10 Just To Join – Easy $25 Gift Cards For Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, And Much More

SwagBucks is by far one of the best out.

SwagBucks is a hybrid rewards program. Meaning you’ll get ALL the goodies. Paid surveys, coupons, daily deals, cash back rewards, sweepstakes, contests, paid tournaments, and even getting paid to play games and watch videos. It’s literally a mix of all the best reasons you would join a paid survey networks.

SwagBucks Is Like A Whole Search Engine Of Rewards.

Not even joking. The reason they’ve grown so large so fast is that every company that wants to pay people for online activities, regardless if it’s surveys or playing games, they have them in SwagBucks system.

SwagBucks gives you the option of a toolbar, which will give you rewards just for surfing or doing your regular thing on the internet. It’s optional so you don’t have to, if you choose you can just log into your dashboard for offers and paid surveys the normal way. But still it’s a pretty nice way of finding rewards and extra cash you didn’t even know was out there.

It’s almost like whatever you do online you’ll get paid for. Like it’s own mini rewards-Google.

SwagBucks Past, Present, And Future.

SwagBucks has been around since 2005 and is now based in Los Angeles, Califorinia and has over 20 million members, with over 2 million Facebook fans. Since they started they’ve paid out, get ready for this… over 250 MILLION DOLLARS in cash and gift cards to their members. It’s what makes them the largest get-paid-to website to this day.

Just to throw another figure out there…SwagBucks sends out about 10,000 gift cards every single day.

SwagBucks was ranked #43 on the Inc 500 fastest growing company list and one of the top 10 Internet companies in terms of growth. Also they were ranked by Los Angeles Business Journal as the 3rd fastest company in LA.

They work with some big brands like The New York Giants, World Wresting Entertainment, WGN America, Element, KISS, and many more.

Alexa.com has SwagBucks as the 115th most visited website in the America and the 539th most trafficked website in the whole world. So needless to say they’re super popular and growing…for a reason.

Requirements For Joining SwagBucks.

To join you have to be at least 13 years old and be in a English speaking country. These would be US, Australia, Canada, the UK, or Ireland. And as with all paid survey networks we review it’s 100% FREE to join. SwagBucks pays you, you never pay SwagBucks.

So How Does SwagBucks Work As A Rewards Site?

SwagBucks has it’s own internal rewards system. You complete tasks and earn what’s called “SwagBucks Points”…obviously after the name of the site itself.

Those SwagBucks points are then used to redeem rewards in their SwagBucks store. This can be CASH, gift cards to just about every retailer and restaurant you can imagine, additional discounts, even vacations.

There are endless ways to earn SwagBucks and endless offers to take advantage of with more added every day.

SwagBucks Paid Surveys

Of course this is SwagBucks‘ bread and butter. And there are no shortage of surveys to do and money to make. It all comes down to how much free time you have to fill these bad boys out. Surveys typically take around 10-20 minutes.

They’re about the usual survey stuff, you know…entertainment, brands, products, how you feel about item a,b,c, etc. You won’t get bored doing them and some people actually make a nice little side income just from doing SwagBucks‘ paid surveys alone.

Coupons, Promo Codes, And Cash Back With SwagBucks.

These types of rewards are similar to other networks but the thing is SwagBucks has WAY more than most. Because of how many millions of members SwagBucks has there are PLENTY of brands waiting to get in line to throw their discounts at them.

The coupons and discounts alone will make shopping for birthdays, Christmases, and all that a lot easier. Some people do all their shopping through SwagBucks just to save a boatload of money and make some in the process.

SwagBucks also has a lot of exclusive promotions on products and services. You won’t find them anywhere else. Things like shoes, video games, electronics, furniture, you name it. You’ll literally see promotions for just about everything in your SwagBucks dashboard.

SwagBucks‘ other ways to earn.

Playing games is a huge way to rack up points and lately they’ve been adding a lot of these just off the strength of it’s popularity with members. I mean who doesn’t like playing games online…and getting PAID for it?

We’re talking games like Wheel of Fortune, Bejeweled Blitz, and Scrabble Cubes. Playing LEGIT games and LEGIT getting paid for it. This is why SwagBucks is so popular.

SwagBucks Pays You To Watch Videos.

No really. In your dashboard there will be an option dedicated to simply watching videos and getting points for cash. Most of the videos you’ll watch are short advertisements, some about TV shows or movies coming out.

Refer Your Friends

SwagBucks has a very nice referral program. At least 100 SwagBucks points per person you refer and %10 of everything they earn. Don’t worry, it won’t take any earnings from the people you refer, it’s just a bonus they add to your account just to say thank you.

SwagBucks Cash And Gift Cards.

This is truly the reason why you need to join SwagBucks. There is plenty to go around, both cash and gift cards. You can go out to eat multiple times a month just with the gift cards, get yourself new shoes, clothes, goodies on Amazon, whatever you want.

Or simply take cash via PayPal deposit. Either way all your SwagBucks points pay off and payouts are always on time. The threshold for payout is $20 and they payout once a month like clockwork.

SwagBucks Mobile

That’s right. SwagBucks is optimized for mobile so you can earn on the go. Android and iPhone both have the SwagBucks app so there’s no excuse to be making money wherever you go. We suggest signing up through the browser first. As soon as you register then download the app and log in.

Also for mobile SwagBucks has what’s called “SwagBucks Local”. Which is kind of more coupon related and caters more towards going out to eat. Discounts for restaurants, bakeries, that sort of thing. It’s still being worked on but if you go out to eat a lot it’s recommended you try it out.

SwagBucks Is Worth It.

100% SwagBucks is worth joining. There are so many ways to earn money, gift cards, whatever you’re into. So many offers to take advantage of, so many ways to save money or get paid to shop for things you buy anyways. It’s highly recommended you join SwagBucks, if not, you’re literally leaving money on the table.

And right now their giving you a FREE $10 just to join so make sure you jump on that while you still can.

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