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Panda Research – $3 Just For Signing up $3-$75 Per Survey

Panda Research is without a doubt one of the best ways to earn easy money online. They pay on the 1st and 15th of every month via PayPal, always on time. Panda Research is another survey company that’s been around for while with a great reputation in cash payouts and prizes.

The cash is great and the prizes you win is just icing on the cake. When you sign up we recommend signing up with an email account you don’t really give a shit about because they will send you a lot of spam. But that’s also another way you earn with Panda. They pay on certain offers for you just to open and read emails.

Regulars on Panda Research make around $300-$400 a month. Not counting the other little freebies you get (we’ve won a whole month’s worth of fabric softener, $20 vouchers for EA Sports games, free Papa John’s pizzas, etc.). Not bad for killing some time on the computer.

To sum it up Panda Research an easy way to generate some side cash flow and get some free stuff that you would have paid for anyways. It’s free to join and they even give you $5 just for joining! Can’t beat that.

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