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MySurvey – $10 For A 15 Minute Survey

MySurvey.com is all about taking surveys and getting paid, bottom line.

MySurvey is one of our favorite paid survey networks in that almost everybody can get in on the action. That’s right. People 14+ are invited to take surveys and earn cash and rewards.

MySurvey is known to be one of the oldest and trustworthy survey companies giving cash or prize rewards for literally every survey that you complete. When they first started they would gather opinions using snail mail. Then upon launching their web presence in 2001 their website offered actual surveys for cash.

Opinions moved online, so did Mysurveys. When they went online they grew super fast, super quick as well as giving out larger amounts of cash per survey.

MySurvey is a good way of earning some good money without having to put in that much effort. A lot of it is repetitive but hey, you’re making money for doing it so it’s all good.

You get Reward Points to redeem for PayPal payments, gift certificates, charity donations  and a bunch more.

The surveys are easy to understand, and take around 15 to 30 minutes to run through. Some survey topics include cars, cellphones, clothes, you know, stuff you use daily.

MySurvey will even sometimes send you products to test and try out. We once received a case of Aussie Mega shampoo to try out. A bunch of tried it and actually liked it. We filled out what we thought about it and earned points on top of free shampoo. So you see the way it works. Free products to try + your opinion + points you can cash in via PayPal. That’s a win-win.

The payout is around $0.50-$10 for every market research survey that you complete. There are quarterly sweepstakes as well which can make you win $10,000 by simply logging in their account. Every login gives you one additional entry into the sweepstakes.

Is MySurvey mobile? Absolutely. They have an app you can download for easy access to surveys on the go so you can earn cash wherever. Turn your phone into a money printing machine.

Aside from that you can even donate your MySurveys points to charity if you’re in a generous and giving mood for you do-gooders out there.

As far as being entered into different MySurveys sweepstakes go..

The prizes you’re entered into just by taking surveys are pretty incredible. You can win tasty items such as a laptop or an HDTV or $1500 cash prize, or  you should simply choose the PayPal as your payment option. Sadly, they charge $1.50 as a processing fee, but that is better than losing all your money as once on being unlucky, isn’t it? Final statements of our take on MySurvey…a must join for legit free products and of course….CASH!

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