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E-Poll – Gift Cards Galore – Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Best Buy

E-Poll is one of the most well regarded paid survey networks in the game. For you movie people you’ll like that most of their market research is geared towards the entertainment industry. They want to know what you think of certain movie stars, celebrities, latest celeb stories, etc.

E-Poll – An Entertainment Research Company

E-Poll Market Research is a research company owned by Bridge Entertainment Inc. It was founded by Philpott Gerry, a TV and media industry executive, back in 1977. Bridge Entertainment owns many properties that specialize in surveys and market data for the Hollywood, TV studios, and the music industry.

They’re responsible for the celebrity rating system called E-Score (which tracks how well known and popular a certain celebrity is). They also own FastTrack which gathers and tracks TV shows’ popularity and relevance with the television watching public.

E-Poll conducts surveys for other industries like apparel, pharmaceuticals, and even video games. But because they were started as a way to track entertainment trends that’s where they specialize in to this day.

E-Poll is a company accredited with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So needless to say they’re 100% legit from the ground up. You take their surveys, your voice will be heard, and you WILL be paid.

Registering With E-Poll.

In order to join E-Poll you’ll need to be a U.S. Citizen and be at least 13 years of age. Pretty cut and dry.

You get started by registering and filling out a brief questionaire about yourself. This helps determine what kind of surveys you’ll be qualifying for. Be honest with what you tell them so you can match up with the most surveys possible.

After registering you’ll start getting invitations for surveys almost automatically. So you don’t have to wait that long to start.

E-Poll runs on a points-based system that you redeem for gift cards and now they offer PayPal deposits. So basically you rack up points doing surveys then you go to their “store” and redeem them for whatever you want.

As stated before, because E-Poll started off in entertainment that’s what the majority of the surveys will be about. For instance you’ll get surveys about celebrities, how certain actors/actresses did in certain movies.

You’ll also get surveys asking what you would think about a certain actor or actress promoting a certain product. Like when Matthew McConaughey started appearing in Lincoln commercials. That type of stuff.

E-Poll – Surveys And Focus Groups

E-Poll does mostly surveys but you can win points for cash and gift cards other ways too. Sometimes you can watch TV shows, pilot episodes of a fresh new series coming out that a TV studio wants feedback on. Sometimes you’ll even be asked to participate in a focus group about a TV show which pays out the most points. (DEFINITELY look for those!)

Surveys take usually around 10-15 minutes each and range differently as far as points per survey. Average cash or gift card amount works out to about $1.50-$5.00 per survey (100-3500+ points). Although sometimes you’ll get surveys or focus group-based tasks that pay way higher.

How often E-Poll invites you for surveys is based on your criteria and the answers you give them when you register. The more you know about pop culture, movies, and TV the better. That’s really the kind of data they want and they have no problem paying you for it.

E-Poll has a low payout threshold, $5. You’ll make that with the first few survey invitations with ease.

E-Poll Sweepstakes And Drawings.

Just to show how much E-Poll loves and appreciates it’s members they have monthly drawings, and some surprise drawings just for the hell of it. The monthy drawings are usually 40 prizes of $25 gift cards each. You’re entered automatically just being a member of E-Poll Research.

They also occasionally have $250-$1000 monthly drawings which they post on their site. You’ll usually see it in your E-Poll dashboard.

Gift cards – E-Poll‘s Best Feature

E-Poll has the goods when it comes to gift cards, probably more than any other network. Because of how plugged in they are as far as the entertainment industry goes a lot of your favorite companies throw all kinds of goodies their way.

Gift cards are plentiful from companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Target, Nike, and much more. Sometimes you’ll even get surveys that offer you a whole gift card just for telling them how you feel about a certain product.

Our favorite gift cards are from restaurants. Those always seem to come in handy. It’s nice when you get your gift card for a restaurant like Olive Garden the day you were going to eat there anyways. You can eat out a few times a month free like that, thanks to E-Poll.

Processing Time.

Redeeming points for cash or gift cards takes a few weeks but as long as you keep earning you can count on getting some extra money or gift cards on the regular.

E-Poll With A Charitable Side.

If you rack up some points and want to do a good deed you can donate your points for a cash donation to plenty of different charities. These include American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Humane Society, or St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

E-Poll Overall As A Paid Survey Network


If you want to cash in on your knowledge of pop culture, movies, and TV then E-Poll is a must-join network. PayPal payments and gift cards are always there for the taking. Highly recommended.

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