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Cash Crate – $10-$20 A Day EASY

CashCrate is one of the best examples of what a Paid Survey Network should be. Plenty of ways to earn cash, surveys that don’t put you to sleep, and PayPal payments always made on time.

CashCrate is basically a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website. You get paid to do a wide variety of tasks, mostly surveys, sometimes trying new products, sometimes watching videos or playing games.

It’s free to register and you can start earning the minute you signup. They even give you your first dollar when you join.

CashCrate History.

CashCrate has been in existence since 2006 and now has over 7 million members all over the world. And to those members they payout hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. They have a respected reputation in the paid survey industry of having some of the best and highest paying surveys.

Requirements To Join CashCrate.

As always, and with every paid survey network featured on RushDollars.com CashCrate is FREE to join, no join fees, none of that. And you only have to be 13 years old to join! So even teenagers can get on board and make some cheddar.

At this time only folks from English speaking countries are allowed to join but that may change in the future.

How You Make Money With CashCrate.


Obviously. But not just the regular, boring ass surveys a lot of other networks have. It’s about stuff you actually care about. Like pop culture stuff. 


Most of the surveys pay $1.50-$5.00. The amount payout per surveys/offer will show on the page before you take it so you can pick and choose. Most surveys take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Not bad. Especially if you have sometime in the meantime between time.


You can expect 7-12 new ones to become available every 24 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on your criteria and what you qualify for.

A lot of them are first-come-first-serve so you’ll want to check your email and login to your dashboard daily to make sure you’re ahead of everybody else.


Get paid to try out new stuff and give your opinion on it. This can be anything, from soap to snack cakes, from board games to a new watch. It can literally be anything.

Basically you try some product or group of products out then tell CashCrate if you liked it, hated it, or loved it. However you feel about it you’ll get free stuff and paid for trying free stuff. Pretty good deal.

Play Some Games. Make Some Money.

CashCrate pays you to play games like Crates, Solitaire, Mahjong Pyramid, Toader, Word Noodle, and Wrecked Angles. Basically games that people already play online. Some are generic games of other popular games. Some are games that are about to launch that developers want feedback on. Some are adaptions of old Nintendo games from way back when. Either way, you get paid to play them.

Watching Videos.

This option is only available to U.S. residents but it’s a super easy way to rack up money in your account. Most of the videos are advertisements. Some are for movies coming out, others for TV shows, it depends. But either way, you get paid to see what’s going to be on the market soon.

Refer your friends and cash in.

HUGE earner for some people. Matter of fact some people earn a few thousand bucks a month just getting their friends to join on social media.

Heres how:

CashCrate has a multi- tier system with different levels and payouts. The starting level is 20% of whatever the people who signup under you make. Then the people they refer you get a cut of their earnings too, with a additional bonuses like $3 when your referral makes their first $10. So literally it almost neverending. The more people you send to CashCrate the more you make. No scam, no bull.

You make money by helping others make money.

If you have a lot of people on your friend list or following you on Twitter and you think they’d like to make some extra money you can shoot ’em a link. They’ll join, get paid, and you get paid for getting them to join.

You ain’t going to get rich from it or anything, but if you can rack up a good number of referrals, the income potential is actually pretty LEGIT. There are a HELL of a lot of people making over $500/month, passively, just from referrals. No bullshit.

CashCrate Rewards And Payouts.

Online Shopping Rewards.

Everybody shops online now. Everybody. But not everybody is part of any rewards programs. At least to the major retailers they buy from. People just shop online and don’t think twice. But what if you actually got money BACK just for shopping online instead of going to a physical store. Getting paid to shop from home? Hell yes.

CashCrate has cash back programs for companies like Walmart, Footlocker, Apple, Sephora, and the list goes on and on. The cash back rewards can range from 1% to 26% and even higher in some cases. It depends on the promotion and company.

So if you had planned on getting that new pair of shoes or new iPad check your CashCrate dashboard first to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table when you shop.

Cash Payouts Baby.

NOW we’re talking. This is what makes CashCrate so great. Cash payments made on time via PayPal like clockwork.

How Much Can You Earn?

With all the different ways to earn you can easily pull a side income of $1000+ a month. There are a few people with huge followings on social media pulling thousands of dollars a month in just referralls alone.

You somewhat write your own paycheck with CashCrate. It’s kind of like having a side job from home. Think of it as a way you get paid from home for doing things online you’d do anyways.

Payment Threshold:

CashCrate has a minimum payout of $20 which is easy as hell to hit. You’ll earn that without even trying.

When Will You Be Paid?

CashCrate pays twice a month, typically on the 1st and 15th. You can get your payment by PayPal (our choice) or have a hard check sent to you via snail-mail. As you increase your level, you’ll unlock more payment methods and quicker payments.

Payments for us have always been on time and never had any problems.

What Impresses Us About CashCrate.

I like that CashCrate pays in cash via PayPal instead of points for giftcards. Not that giftcards ain’t great but sometimes you just want to do surveys for money, no middle man.

CashCrate has a “Payment Wall” right on their website for members to post their checks and PayPal payments. Just as a way to encourage people to interact in the community and share how they qualified for different surveys.

Their members interact with each other and help newbies out with any questions they may have. It’s whole little economy and support system in itself with some really cool people. Some of the other members can even help you with advice on how to increase your referrals and your payouts.

CashCrate Overall…

If there’s a hall of fame for paid survey networks CashCrate will be among the top 3 no question about it. If you have a few hours a day, or every other, maybe while you’re watching TV or something, you can get on CashCrate and make some money. During the course of a month you can easily bring in an extra $350-$500.

Free and easy money.

CashCrate helps a lot of people out by giving people the ability to create a side supplemental income fairly easily with so many avenues to earn. And the surveys keep coming in so you never run out of cash earning potential.

Overall CashCrate is for anyone Who wants an easy way to make some extra money.

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