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Reselling $5 Gigs for a $45+ Profit.. SUPER Simple

This method is a brain-dead simple, tried and true method of generating quick cash flow.

This method has been executed successfully over and over without ever being saturated. It’s been proven if you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS in this mini-tutorial you’ll be making some EASY ass money online.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it. Why am I giving it to you? Because I already made a shitload of money with this method and I’ve moved on to other ventures. And if I did decide to redo this method for extra cash you wouldn’t be any competition, trust me.

There’s plenty of business to go around. Unfortunately most of you will read this tutorial and never do shit with it because:

  1. You doubt how much money you can actually make with this method.
  2. You doubt yourself.
  3. You’re too fucking lazy and really don’t want to make the easiest money online ever.

So if any of that’s you …I pity you. There’s plenty of cash in flipping 5 dollar labor online. Here’s my own personal experience.


It was November 2012 and I had just been a victim of identity theft. Thousands stolen from me in a matter of 2 days. I was FUCKED before I even knew it. Well the bills don’t stop coming just because you have a few hardships so I had to brainstorm. I had already purchased a lot of small $5 gigs from various different people online for different tasks I was familiar with. From graphic design to video creation to sound engineering.

I then looked to online classifieds and saw people posting jobs they needed done. These people were local and easily accessible. First prospect I found needed a CD cover designed for her husband’s band. Her budget was $250. I already knew a few great designers on Fiverr that I had hired to previous work for my own projects.

The lady hired me after showing her “my” portfolio (a few pieces of work from my Fiverr sellers). She paid $125 up front, $125 when it was finished. I hired my Fiverr seller to design the project for a whopping $5. This took all of 3 days to do.

This seller did such a good job and right on time that the lady who hired me paid me to do design e-book covers for 3 of her books at $100 each. Of course I went back to Fiverr. I did multiple jobs just like this one, involving Web programming, article writing, and video production.

All of the jobs I was hired to do I hired somebody on Fiverr to do which gave me some nice profits. Imagine charging somebody $300 for a job you hire somebody on Fiverr to do for $5! That’s a $295 profit without hardly any work. The possibilities are endless.

Ok now down to the nitty gritty of how to do this.


Many of you have seen some of the info in this mini-tutorial and that’s ok. They haven’t gone into as much depth as I will here. Basically you’re going to be outsourcing tasks for which there are HUGE needs in the marketplace. Once you find your buyers you hire somebody to do the job for around 5 bucks. You then resell the service to your customer at a profit. You can easily charge your customer 5-10 times the amount you paid.


  1. Sign up for a Fiverr account. Click Here and search for gigs in whatever category of service you want to provide

Note: My experience is the best gigs to resell are in graphic design, logos, video creation, music mastering, web design-related. Use the “collect” feature to bookmark all the gigs and sellers that look promising. Remember to start off in a category you feel the most comfortable reselling.

  1. Once you find sellers on Fiverr that do good work and have a good repuation save the media (images, videos, etc.) from their portfolio to your hard drive to use for your own portfolio.

Note: Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble for this. Fiverr sellers won’t mind this especially if you’re giving them a lot of business.

  1. Create accounts on one, some, or all of the following freelancer sites.
  2. Elance.com
  3. Guru.com
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. Odesk.com

Note: Remember to post the content (images, etc.) from the portfolio items you saved from your Fiverr seller’s profiles. Another thing to note is Ebay is another good source of clients. Especially in the online marketing niche. It’s RED HOT right now.

  1. Research what the competition is selling services for in your same niche and go a little llower, remember you’re only paying $5 originally for the gig you’re going to be reselling so don’t get greedy.
  2. Search and bid on jobs/projects you find listed on the freelancer sites. Be creative with this. You should be able to outbid almost every other person on there being that you’re only paying $5 for the labor.
  3. Post ads for your service on the following classified sites:
  4. Craigslist.org
  5. Backpage.com
  6. Gumtree (if you’re in the U.K.)

Recommended Twist:

Buy a domain, some hosting, and have a portfolio site built on wordpress showcasing “past work” to appear more professional.


  • When searching for Fiverr sellers check their ratings and comments, when you do this also check the profiles that wrote those comments to see how long they’ve been members and how many gigs they’ve purchased, just to make sure they’re not dummy accounts. Some of the online marketing gig sellers are slick and will make dummy accounts to leave comments on their own gigs to make them look more official. It’s rare but it happens
  • Verify and take note of the turnaround time for each service you resell so you know what to tell your customers, you want to set the right expectations
  • Develop a good relationship with your Fiverr sellers/suppliers so they make you a priority, they’ll appreciate you giving them all this business, it will motivate them to give you their best work and complete your assignments promptly
  • Use multiple sellers for whatever service you’re selling just to give you backup and make sure you’re on time with your service.
  • Ask for feedback from the people you resell the service to in the form of testimonials to use in the future.

Additional Tips:

  • Use Fiverr to get your own logo created and have a site set up to resell Fiverr services, this is a SUPER lucrative twist on this method because it adds credibility to your business, plus it’s easy as hell and cheap.
  • Hire Fiverr sellers to create your own logo, video, graphics, business cards made to promote your reseller service.
  • Get your own hosting (Click Here to get Hostgator), install WordPress, then use a theme you find from HERE and upload your content.


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