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How To Build A Profitable WordPress Website – Introduction

Allow myself to introduce……myself. Call me GDot, the owner and operator of RushDollars.com. I’m super proud of having given people the opportunity to make some extra money online. And for those of you who don’t know me…here’s my backstory…

So it’s 2003 and I’m about about to be honorably discharged and get back into civilian life, a former Security Forces Marine who before my time in the service had worked a whole bunch of jobs in various industries. Most of which only serving the purpose of letting me know I’m unemployable…as fuck. Except for my employment by Uncle Sam obviously.

But once I got back into civilian life I quickly discovered there wasn’t a huge demand for my…um…military skills. Well besides getting into law enforcement but that wasn’t really my cup of tea and I felt I had been there done that being a former Marine.

No….no, I’m an artist, always was and always will be. I wanted to go back to my natural talent of drawing, my go-to skill before the military. I returned to being an artist primarily because I thought if it’s something I’m naturally good at that I won’t burn out at it. Which is some cliche bullshit only meant for b-list self help books.

Note: Even if you have natural talent for something you can still burn yourself out doing it if you do too much of it and or do it on a deadline.

I wanted to be an illustrator so I bought every book on Amazon pertaining to how to be an illustrator. I even sent out mass mailings to publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time magazine to solicit my work.

In the meantime while I was sending emails, more of the publications I was sending email to were moving their media online. It didn’t hurt me though because I thought “Hey, they still need traditional illustration though.”

Only if I had a website could I then really start my marketing machine and become the most sought after illustrator of all time. So I started looking up the magical world of folks who built websites in those early 2000’s. And would you believe those bastards were charging $5,000-$10,000 per website?

Well, specifically for the type of website I was going to need, a portfolio website that was modern and would help me compete.

No fucking way was I going to pay some geek that much dough just to make some lines of code. What could these folks know that I don’t that they’d be able to take me to the cleaners for ten thousand bucks? I wasn’t having it. So (and you’re going to laugh) I first went through Vistaprint’s drag and drop platform to build a website myself. In those days it was kind of what Weebly is today or one of those “build a free website” type deals.

It was about 10 bucks a month for the hosting, the use of the platform, and the whole deal. It somewhat did the job for it’s time but I really didn’t know shit and visiting that site you’d be able to tell.

But regardless, I built my site this way. But the whole time I wanted a better understanding of things. Maybe not to the extent of learning code yet, but I wanted more command over how my site looked and interacted. And my humble little Vistaprint site actually brought me business. No high end clients, no New York Times business or anything, but I got a few book illustration gigs and I was proud of it.

Then I discovered WordPress…

Not the easy little WordPress of today, I’m talking about mid 2000’s WordPress before they made it all user friendly and what not. From there I empowered myself by learning the whole platform in and out. I then migrated my domain and work to a brand spankin’ new WordPress site that I built myself. And to my credit it was pretty cotdamn nice. It had all the latest sliders and galleries that made me look the part.

I started tearing websites apart, especially the ones that had elements and attributes I wanted. It was like tearing cars apart looking for parts to build a supercar with.

Which let me to learning code, which led me to learn how to build websites, which led me to internet marketing, which let me to building software, which led me to being successful online, which let me to posting this delicious information for you.

I was still getting illustration gigs but I don’t know how many of you have ever done illustration or graphic design before but um…the leverage for that being a business model SUCKS.

Sure you get paid but the time it takes to finish a project, especially having whiny customers who want all these revisions (no matter how good you are, and believe me, I’m good) almost makes you turn into a full time customer service agent and only a part time artist.

I was getting burned out. But a turning point happened. People started approaching me more about how to get a website like mine than they were about hiring me for an art gig. The artist in me took an ego hit because I naturally wanted people to get at me for what I felt I was best at. But I remembered why I learned how to build a website in the first place. I wasn’t going to let some geek bust my head for 10 stacks.

And then it dawned on me, I had become A Web Developer…

They want a website like mine, even built on WordPress, that I could charge them 10 stacks for and they would happily pay for it! Now mind you at this point we’re talking 2007-2008 when you could still get away with this. So I put my ego to the side, closed up shop as far as illustrating was concerned, and started building websites full time.

Everything was good but as we all know, the buying public is full of crybabies, crybabies who don’t know shit about tech. Some freelancers have a talent for being able to deal with all types, even the crybabies, and do it tactfully and for extended periods of time. I can do it tactfully but eventually I get sick of it as I think most introverts do. I don’t know I could be wrong, I’m not a psychologist or anything.

But anyways I then had another epiphany, I hate dealing with the buying public so maybe instead of building everybody else websites that make people money, how about I build my OWN fucking network of websites that generate cash for me without me having to deal with the public at all? Sites that are low maintenance that would run on autopilot for the most part bringing me money like clockwork. BAM that was the new strategy.

So that’s what I did. I built a network of over 20 websites, most of which I outsource the bulk of the content creation. I’m involved as much as I want to be these days. But have to say I like being involved and since it’s my life’s work I make it a point to be as active as possible on all my sites with as much as energy as I can possibly put forth.

And while it is still work, it’s work I actually like…most of the time. It isn’t necessarily about finding work you don’t count as work, because I believe it’s about finding somewhat of a balance. Doing what you love sometimes doesn’t pay the bills so that cliche doesn’t do it for me. Some people may find it to be different but I don’t.

Doing what you love and making it work with what you do to pay the bills is where the magic is, it’s the blending that’s the most fun. At least to me.

Now I won’t disclose how much I make per month because it’s irrelevant. But here are a some screenshots of some earnings from a few of my web properties across just 3 networks.

In the game of internet marketing you write your own paycheck. And I sincerely mean that.

And I can already hear you saying in your head “What the fuck do you mean it’s irrelevant? How am I supposed to trust you that this information will get me to the promised land?”

Easy…don’t believe me. Most of you won’t do any of the shit you read here. You’ll just join the paid survey networks for some startup cash or extra spending money and that’s fine.

But a select few of you WILL do what I put on here (for free by the way) and go all the way with it and when you start figuring out the numbers portion of this whole equation, as it pertains to the marketing, conversion rates, etc., you’ll then define your own “promised land” and in so doing define your own success.

Everything you do is going to have your own spin, in life, in business, and in online business.

So don’t be afraid to put your own spin on and and all you take in on RushDollars.com.

Now that you’ve kind of gotten to know me…here’s a few points as to “why’s”…

Why am I putting this hugely valuable body of information out there for free?

The reason I’m posting this openly on RushDollars.com and not bottling it up in some goddamn PDF or a Udemy course or a Kindle book on Amazon is because I believe in a TRULY FREE internet. And many of the resources I used to teach myself how to build profitable websites I found free. Or I at least searched until I found the free version.

I know that doesn’t sound politically correct but fuck it. This is the internet and out here it’s the law of the jungle.

And because I believe in a free internet I ultimately believe in the free flow of information which is what it’s all about. There’s a time to format and package information for the purpose of selling it and there’s a time to distribute valuable information to people for nothing.

But make no mistake about it, the info you find here is currently being packaged in ebooks and video courses for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Literally.

Why am I giving away software that I spent months building…for free?

Again, the reasons are manyfold. And again one of the reasons are I believe in the free internet. Also…I don’t know if you’ve gotten this yet but…everytime I’m on Facebook, especially the weekends, I always see those annoying fucking “report piracy and get paid” ads and I just think to myself…what smug, idiotic jackasses actually pay to run these campaigns?

If you’re smart enough to build a software program then you should know how the internet works by now. People like free shit and will find a way to get the shit they like for free. And why blame them? You can make all the moral arguments you want but at the end of the day, nobody cares and nobody hears you.

Plus I’d like to think the software I built is so good and so useful that somebody is going to hack it and put it out there anyways so why not the person who puts it out there be me?

The business model of the future is that of giving away free shit. Free information, free software, free flow of ideas, you get the pattern. Those who don’t get it are behind the times and are holding onto their pathetic view of how the internet “should have been”.

I fucking hate gurus.

And I’ll tell you why. First the fuck of all they know WAY less than they lead on. If these idiots were really interested in helping out their fellow man they’d be doing what I’m doing. Putting out some valuable info on how to start a profitable online business for the freeski. But they don’t and won’t.

Because all they know how to do is write ebooks and bullshit people.

Most guru courses are all fluff and bullshit anyways. It’s a gang of pep talk and no actual step by step procedures on how to do anything. In order to succeed online you need to get PRACTICAL step on what to do and how to do it.

If you want a pick-me-up talk go YouTube Joel Osteen. Sure here on RushDollars.com I’ll share some inspirational shit with you once in a while but ultimately it’s about that dollar bill and bettering your way of life.

Another reason I despise gurus is that for SOME unknown fucking reason people still think some gazillionaire wants to show you how he makes a 50k a day by selling you some 20 buck course. And people fall for this shit everyday. Consider me a proverbial “hater” when it comes to these guru types pulling this off. These stooges’ only claim to riches are by selling people courses…on how to gain riches.

Gurus sell courses about shit they’ve never done themselves. If they sold courses on how to sell courses maybe I wouldn’t be such a hater, but they don’t, so here I am ranting.

You’re not my competition.

People who think in terms of scarcity are idiots and don’t know what life is all about or how the Universe works. There is no scarcity. It’s all an illusion. We’re all different and have different ideas and ways of presenting them.

No matter what kind of website you build in whatever niche, even it’s in the same niche as me, is going to have a life all it’s own. The internet business model is mostly about spreading information and you’re information is going to have a different spin than mine. This is healthy and necessary to the online economy.

People work jobs they hate.

And I was one of them. People are scared of death to leave the chains of slavery working a 9-5 job behind because they don’t want to take their chances in the wild. By building your own website and mini-empire you have 100 percent control over if you make it or not.

When you realize you could’ve left your job to do this at any time you want you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass you didn’t start sooner.

Things to note:

Don’t be scared of tech.

Whiny sunnavuh bitches are always crying about how they don’t know shit about tech or web dev or building a website, or anything else for that matter. Let alone mention anything about software.

People immediately tense up in fear and come back with how they only know how to check email or post on Facebook. What a load of bull. If that’s you, well, I’ll go ahead and refund your money for buying this course. Oh wait, this info is free, so in this case just get the hell out of here because you’re already making excuses and you haven’t even started yet.

If you don’t know shit about tech guess what, it’s called LEARNING. You’re going to have to do it. And honestly it ain’t that bad. Matter of fact, you’ve taken it upon yourself plenty of times in life to pick up disciplines WAY more complicated than this.

And on top of that, you have Google for any shit you may not know. The beauty of this whole body of information is that if you get caught on something, there’s somebody who has been in there before and asked the same questions you’re having and already have a thread somewhere on some forum with the question already answered. Or better yet some Indian guy already made a tutorial on YouTube showing you how to do it. So tighten up young graws-hoppa.

I do cuss a lot.

I type how I talk. I have a dirty mouth so bear the fuck with me. Besides I consider it to be a part of my charm seeing as most people who are trying to sell you something will type in the king’s English. And online that translates into slimeballishness.

On the internet bad language on sites having to do with money usually means honesty by the author. Here on RushDollars.com I’m not trying to sell you a COTdamn thing so you’ll see filthy language all through this course.

So with my introduction formally out of the way make sure you subscribe, follow, like, all that good shit so you don’t miss the next installment. I’m going to be walking you through the whole setup with video tutorials and all. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT miss this. See ya’ soon.

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