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MindsPay – Paying Up To $50 Per Survey

MindsPay wants to pay you up to $50 and more for every survey you fill out.


MindsPay is quickly on the rise with our subscribers as far as top survey networks go. People are getting nice big checks with them. Why are you not getting in on the

Just for joining MindsPay you get a free $3 so they start you out earning free money just for creating an account with them.


You must register on MindsPay with an active email account, and then according to your preferences and choices you will be asked to fill in surveys. Every time you log into your account there will be available surveys for you to fill out. Every time you log in there will be money to make, no question.


Ways to earn with MindsPay:

– fill out short surveys

– reviewing FREE products

– open and read emails (called MoneyMail)

– referring folks


Make sure you’re reviews of products are real as well as the surveys you complete. The more honest you are about products you use, the better MindsPay will know you’re likes and dislikes so you can get products to review that you ACTUALLY use.

It’s basically like getting paid to use free samples of stuff you already use and like anyways.

You get paid in multiples of $50 so you have to make that threshold to cash out. It’s pretty easy considering the amount of surveys you have available in the dashboard. Payments are made via PayPal so they’re secure and on time.


Whatever is left is carry forwarded in the next month’s cycle.  Payments are sent out the 15th and last day of every month.

There is a bonus here of 20% for every person you invite to join MindsPay for surveys and products so keep that in mind. If you have a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter followers you can rack up extra cash in your account quickly.

Create an account today and get a piece of some MindsPay money.

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