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ClearVoice Surveys – Earn Up To $75 Per Survey – An Easy Way To Rack Up Cash


ClearVoice Surveys have been in existence since 2006 and has been a leader in market research by offering cash and other goodies to it’s members.  They’re owned by Clear Voice Research, LLC  based out of Denver, CO.

They’re definitely one of the favorite networks around by keeping thousands of fun and engaging surveys on deck so you never get tired of earning.


With ClearVoice you get the tried and true paid survey business model of companies paying you for your opinion. Big companies go to ClearVoice with products and money and then ClearVoice finds people like you to hand over the good for speaking your mind about it all.

Signing up is a a piece of cake and like all paid survey networks we cover here, it’s free. The whole signup process takes about 5 minutes with a few mini surveys after your profile is done. That’s just to see how many surveys you’ll qualify for once you’re in there.

Be honest with all your information so you qualify for as many surveys as possible. Remember to use an email you don’t care about because you’ll be getting a lot of email for all kinds of stuff. But who cares? You’ll be making free money.

There is a phone verification you have to go through to make sure you’re not a robot and so that nobody can ever hack in to your account and steal your earnings. It’s a nice touch to make sure your account is secure.

On to the surveys…


The surveys you take are going to be on pretty much any topic you can think of. Cars, movies, celebrities, big corporations, even some political stuff.  The average survey takes about 10-20 minutes to do and the payouts are higher than a lot of other networks.

Sometimes you’ll get invited to try out some new product, like shampoo or laundry detergent, something along those lines. You’ll get shipped a product to test then you’ll be paid for using it and giving some feedback.

The normal payout for an average survey is between $1-$10 per survey. Some of the interactive surveys are as high as $15-$30. And what’s great about ClearVoice is even if you start taking a survey and it turns out you don’t qualify, you still get money credited to your account. So really you never waste time and always walk away with something.


The referral program is among the best with ClearVoice. With every person you refer you can get about $5 per head. So if you have a lot of friends on social media you can make a killing just with referrals alone, and a lot of people do.

ClearVoice is one of the paid survey networks who try to get it’s members as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time because they want you coming back and telling people about how awesome they are.

It’s a win-win.

People usually average about 5-10 survey invites per week with ClearVoice. Invites get sent to whatever email address you sign up with so make sure you check that email inbox every day. The best surveys with the highest payouts are first come-first serve.

The more surveys you take, the more you make, the more the big companies will pay ClearVoice more so that there are always surveys to take and money to be made. See how that works? It’s one giant wheel of cash.


And speaking of cash, ClearVoice‘s payout terms are great. To cash out you only have to have $10 earned, which you’ll make pretty quickly. You can get your money via PayPal, Payoneer, prepaid Mastercard or gift card. Gift cards process immediately, prepaid Mastercards take about a week, PayPal or Payoneer takes about 4-5 days.

So basically you’ll be able to get your money pretty soon after you rack it up.

Is ClearVoice legit? Hell yes.

The have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau with thousands of reviews from people who love ClearVoice. People obviously love free and easy money just for giving their opinion.

They also have customer support via phone so for any reason if you have any problem along the way you can call them and speak to somebody. We’ve never had to but just having that option is good to know.

So with all that said ClearVoice is definitely one of the must-join networks for earning quick and easy cash. Remember, downtime is time you can be earning money, so get to earning!


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