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Cash Crate – $10-$20 A Day EASY


CashCrate has been around since 2006 with over 2 million members. They’ve paid out almost 4 MILLION dollars to their users for filling out simple surveys. CashCrate is how a lot of people started making money online.

They provide an excellent way to earn some spare cash and for some people it’s how they’ve build up start up money to launch their online businesses.


CashCrate is great because of how many surveys you can take in plenty of different categories. If you have the time to fill out a few surveys they have the money to pay you out. And they never miss a payment (we can vouch for that)

If you need money and have time to watch TV or poke around on Facebook then you can be filling out surveys with CashCrate and getting paid. Some surveys pay $1, some pay $10, it all depends on the survey.


Some CashCrate members are pulling $1000 a month in extra spending money.

CashCrate gives you $1 just for signing up. The payment threshold to receive your check is only $20! They have members regularly post their checks on the “Payment Wall” so you can see what other members are earning. They also have a box where you can search for surveys based on keywords so you can find surveys based on things you like. It’s great.


All in all CashCrate is a great reputable company to start earning cash filling out 1-2 minute surveys. Happy Earning!


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