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3 Amazon Autoblogs – How Much Money Will I Earn

Ok so up until a few months ago I swore I was never going to try my hand at Amazon affiliate marketing (aka Amazon Associates) for a few reasons. Here they are….or were:

1. Low Commission Rates.

I checked in from time to time to see what the commission payout was for Amazon products and it was like a tiered system starting off at 5% or so on all items sold. Or at least that was what it was a while ago. Either way my attitude was ‘I’d rather do CPA marketing and get a quarter a click” or “I’d rather do Web dev for clients.”

2. Amazon seemed too much of a mess with too little of a reward.
Writing reviews for products I don’t give a fuck about nor gave a fuck to learn about. Not my thing. I guess if I had to do it I would but…..yeah, no.
3. Amazon affiliate marketing and their crowd in internet marketing forums seemed weird to me.
I know that shouldn’t factor into if I was to pick up Amazon Associates but it did. Folks have made the news cycle for spamming the fuck out of social media networks with Amazon affiliate links. It seemed like a cult or something. A cult of people who I felt was cheating in some way and didn’t want to divulge their methods.
Well I finally got over my inhibition and took the leap into the world of Amazon Associates…

It was a low investment/low maintenance project from the get go so no passion was required. I was basically launching it with no expectations and zero fucks to be given.

I decided if I was going to jump off into this it was going to be a minimal investment of time and money on my part. And if it was go wrong or not produce results I wouldn’t give a fuck anyways.

Amazon encourages their affiliates to maintain websites with good, original content blah blah blah. But that’s every network sooooooooo….who gives a damn, I was just going to throw some shit up there and see what stuck.

 So with all that said here’s the story…


I took 3 domains I bought a few years back that I saved for a rainy day and decided to dedicate them to this Amazon experiment.

Domain one was in the health and fitness niche.

Domain two was in women’s shoes.

Domain three was in the smartphone niche.

None of the 3 domains are in some sub-niche. They’re all generalized and cover the whole niche. Am I about to tell you what the domains are? Hell naw man you better back up, I don’t know you like that.


I was an artist before all of this shit, the internet, WordPress, my military service, adulthood, all of it. So needless to say I take my art seriously and I consider my graphic design work a part of my body of art as a whole.

Shit has to be on point, even on a throwaway project like this. If all else would’ve failed and this experiment would’ve gone under you wouldn’t be able to say it was because of shitty graphics or design.

So I made my logos (how to make your own logo)

WordPress Custom Install

I put together my own package of plugins from my years of experience with WordPress to create a specialized autoblog. Using a certain mix of plugins I was able to create a complete autoblog with the perfect recipe of content posting like clockwork to accompany the most important ingredient….the automatic Amazon product feed.

The key was to create Amazon autoblogs without making them seem like an obvious Amazon autoblog.

Now granted, we as Web developers are years ahead of the average internet user in terms of knowledge, design, and marketing BUT…..I don’t like setting up a site that looks like shit or looks like it’s just there to sell you something.

Even if the content is curated and auto-fed I still want it to be useful so you stick around….and hopefullly buy something.

So here’s what happened after 4 months, and at the time of me writing this I’m still in my fourth month.

People who say autoblogging is dead either…

  1. Are saying that to keep you out of the game because they’re doing it themselves.

  2. Make their money in some other line of Internet Marketing and consider it beneath them

  3. Are fucking dumb

Autoblogging is alive and fucking well. Some folks make a full time income from autoblogs alone and I fully see how. Autoblogging is like a curse word in Internet Marketing I guess because it suggests laziness. Autoblogging is nothing more than working smarter and automating everything. Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, whoever, you’re always looking for more ways to automate and autoblogs are the perfect way to automate an online presence.

How I Market My Amazon Autoblogs: Social media traffic baby.

Social media traffic, even in today’s digital age, is still so slept on. Ask some of the veterans in the Web marketing game and they’ll tell you PPC or SEO is the way to go in getting traffic. Many of ‘em think social media is the ghetto of the internet. Maybe it is, who knows. But regardless, there’s plenty of money to be made in social media.

And besides, I’ve got thousands of social media accounts to spare, a few I warm up just for a project like this.

So I built each of my 3 sites their own Twitter profiles, Tumblr blogs, and Pinterest accounts. I also built Instagram accounts for them but I haven’t implemented them into the marketing plan yet, but I will soon.

I also have an amazing software system for social media marketing called “FollowLiker”. The software runs around $500 but I’ve had it for a while. I threw the social accounts associated with my 3 autoblogs into FollowLiker, went to Google Keyword Planner to get some keywords for each niche, threw those in too, then fired the software up.

I won’t get into particulars of how the software works but it basically finds and follows people based on what they post on social media.

SEO? Cool story bro.

I constantly see in the internet marketing world people putting together “courses” on how to build Amazon blogs based on low competition keywords and then ranking them with some magical, spam, backlink profile that somehow fools Google’s algorithms.

Don’t get me wrong, I fucks with SEO and consider myself a student of the game. I’ve ranked my own sites and sites for clients, globally and locally. But like anything in life you have to pick your battles based on if it’s worth it or not. And for a few experimental Amazon autoblogs I’m not about to fight Google or other Webmasters for traffic.

But with this method don’t expect to get any love from Google, it’s the complete opposite of the type of shit they want to index. BUT with that said I still do get traffic from search. I haven’t installed Search Console on my Amazon Autoblogs but I eventually will just out of curiousity of the search terms that are getting me traffic.

So….getting to what you really came to see. The numbers.

Feb 2017

 Mar 2017
Apr 2017
May 2017
All of 2017

I can hear you Amazon Associate pros out there like “HA! Your Amazon earnings ain’t shit, I sell 30k worth of merch a day.” And to you I say congrats. I don’t set the clock to Amazon earnings so it’s all good. (I’m posting this June 8th, 2017).

I’m trending to probably do like $350-$450 this month. Just from 3 Amazon blogs I don’t do shit for.

What I’ve Learned So Far.

The Program

Amazon Associates earnings is all a numbers game, just like anything else. And it’s actually something worth getting into. This month (April 27, 2017) they’re paying out at a 12% across the board.

This is scalable as fuck.

We know $60 (what I’ve made so far this month with Amazon and the month ain’t over) ain’t much. But guess what….$60 x 100 is $6,000. I can literally clone this whole experiment 100 times with minimal effort, just some keyword entering and some quality control and scale this bitch up.

The business model is relatively hands free.

Most of the actual work to get an amazon blog up and running is in the actual dev work and keyword research but after setting it all it runs on it’s own.

Some people sell their own products on Amazon or dropship shit from AliBaba.com or some  variation of that business model. And that’s all fine and good but with Amazon Associates you don’t have to handle shipping, customer service, or any of that messy shit. All you have to do is get folks to click on your links and buy. After that your work is done.

Amazon sells everything.
No matter what people are buying, you can bet Amazon is selling it. I think Amazon even has cars now if I’m not mistaken. So whatever niche you set your website up in you’ll be able to monetize it one way or another.
Amazon the name brand is trusted as fuck.
When you refer somebody to Amazon’s site through your site they’re not going to feel like they’ve been taken. People have been buying from Amazon for years and it’s damned near replacing traditional brick-and-mortar retail.
The more of your links are out there the better.
You don’t want to necessarily shoot your actual Amazon affiliate links out there. For one, people are on to that shit now and for two, spamming your affiliate links is a good way to get that ass banned on social media or your accounts ghosted. Also people on Amazon buy all kinds of shit they didn’t intend on buying. I’ve seen some weird stuff in the products-shipped reports since I’ve been doing this. But who gives a damn. Just get ’em to click that link baby.
This is going to be an ongoing case study which I’ll be updating month to month. Or even more frequently if I see something different in trends. Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter.

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