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Chat Bot For A Large Mobile-Based Social Network – Earn Thousand Like I Did

Ok so here’s the deal. I can’t exactly leave too much actual text about which social media platform this bot is built for so I’ll put it in a graphic here…


Anyways I’ve “marketed” the fuck out of this site for years. Hella users, hella traffic. I’ve hit some $350+ days on this site.

This bot posts on a loop in any chatroom you want. Some of the chatrooms have like 500 people in it at once.

A few things to note about the traffic from this site.

About 90% of it is mobile traffic


Dating/Cam offers work well with this traffic

I mean you could think outside the box and use other offers but it’s up to you


You can drive traffic to a Kik or Snapchat account. It


You can bank hard with this bot.

GDot why would you give this bot away?

Bruh, I don’t give a fuck. I kind of don’t even spam that site anymore. I’ve moved on. But I can’t tell you how much shit I’ve bought from the earnings I made on this site with this bot.



If you go too hard you’ll get banned.

I mean you might get banned anyways so you’ll just have to make a new account. It ain’t a big deal.

They might ban your IP address. So again, don’t go too hard in the paint.


3 Ways to get this bot, choose 1

share us on social media


join Global Test Market (get $5 just for joining)

click here

click here for this option

buy the bot through paypal ($10) no refunds

click here for this option


how to use this bot

download bot



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